Sunday, November 20, 2011

Week 10: Methodology

14 - 18 Nov 2011

The methodology of this project is of the following:

1. Phase: Planning
              - Identifying PS, aim, scope, obj., & significance.
                     DeliverableDesc. of PS, aim, scope, obj., & significance.
              - Preparing preliminary interview questions.
                     Deliverable: List of preliminary interview questions.
              - Conduct interviews with the respective company for case study.
                     Deliverable: Result from preliminary interview.
              - Plan the execution of project duration.
                     Deliverable: Project schedule.
       Milestone: Project proposal

2. Phase: Data Gathering & Analysis
              - Review & analyze the literature.
              - Identify & analyze stakeholder for comm. of OP & prior them.
                     Deliverable: Stakeholder Communication Analysis.
              - Identify BP for communication in OP.
                     Deliverable: Prioritized BP for communication in OP.
              - Analyze the identified BP for comm. in OP with case study
                     Deliverable: Matrix of prioritized BP based on case study.
              - Develop draft of ECM based on analyzed BP.
       Milestone: Draft of ECM.

3. Phase: Synthesize
              - Synthesize draft of ECM to case study.
                     Deliverable: Refined ECM.
              - Finalize the ECM.
       Milestone: Finalized ECM.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Week 9: Literature Review

7 - 11 Nov 2011

The organization structure for this project's LR is as such:

1. Operational Definitions
       1.1  Communication
       1.2  Effective Communication
       1.3  IS Outsourcing
       1.4  Effective Communication in IS Outsourcing

2. IS Outsourcing Projects
       2.1  History of IS Outsourcing 
       2.2  Types of Outsourcing
       2.3  Reasons of Outsourcing
       2.4  IS Outsourcing Life Cycle
       2.5  Challenges in IS Outsourcing

3. Communication in Project Management
       3.1  Types of Communication
       3.2  Tools for Communication
       3.3  Significance of Communication

4. Effective Communication in IS Outsourcing Projects
       4.1  The Needs of Effective Communication
       4.2  Benefits of Effective Communication
       4.3  Best Practices of Effective Communication in IS Outsourcing Projects
       4.4  Effective Communication Model

5. Effective Communication for Stakeholder Management in IS Outsourcing Projects
       5.1  Importance of Stakeholder Communication Management
       5.2  Stakeholder Communication Analysis
       5.3  Stakeholder Relationship Maturity Model (SRMM)
       5.4  Stakeholder Relationship in Outsourced Environment

6. Case Studies Review
       6.1  Communication as a Key to Success in Outsourcing: A Survey of the Top 100 Outsourcing Companies in the World.
       6.2  Stakeholder Analysis is Key to Client-Supplier Relationship in Global Outsourcing

Revised the working title to "Developing ECM for IS Outsourcing Projects From Stakeholder's Perspective.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Week 8: Objectives

31 Oct - 4 Nov 201

The main objectives of this project are:

  1. To identify the best practices for communication between client and vendor in Information System development outsourcing projects.
  2. To analyze the identified best practices with the case study.
  3. To synthesize the effective communication model based on the case study.
Submitted draft of LR for the CSP600's class.

Reconfirmed upon Chapter 1.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Week 7: Background & Problem Statement

24 - 28 Oct 2011

After reading more from the literature and some books lent and proposed from the supervisor, it could be said that the term between IS & IT are interchangeable. 

Research Background:
The background of the research explicitly tells in an overview of what the project is consisting of a brief description upon; effective communication, outsourcing, stakeholder view (as the effective communication for the outsourcing is viewed from the perspective of "Stakeholders" - discussed upon Stakeholder Relationship Management Maturity (SRMM) with PM Aishah; yet to be included).

Problem Statement:
The difficulty of communicating in IS outsourcing projects leads to the escalation of negative synergy between client and vendor and in some way directs the outsourced projects to face failure.

A preliminary interview conducted with Mrs. Razilah Bt. Doraman, the Information Technology Officer, at Lembaga Urus Air Selangor (LUAS), stated that communication is one of the major problem that exist between the employee of the agency and the vendor in outsourcing projects.

A Communication Manager for a major Outsoursourcing Account claims that:
Less than optimal communication tends to lie in lack of true understanding of the importance of communication. What happens when communication does not work? Basically, anything can happen – and whatever happens is likely to do so in an uncontrolled manner. Thus, communication is a key factor in delivering successful   outsourcing results.”

IS project failure has often been associated with the inadequacy of needs resulting from poor communications (Avison, 2008). To further strengthen the statement, another literature analysis stated that one of the issues experienced in IS outsourcing project, is a breakdown in communication among the client and vendor (Smuts, Kotze, Merwe & Loock, 2010).

This project will provide an implementation of effective communication model to assist LUAS for their communication management for future IS outsourcing projects and concurrently may minimize the chance of having unclear understandings and alignment between the client and vendor of the outsourcing project and reduce the possibility for the project to face failure.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Week 6: Filling-In Chapter 1

17 -21 Oct 2011

Refined working title: "Developing Effective Communication Model (ECM) for Information System Outsourcing Projects"

Changed from "IT" to "IS" in the working title as for IT is of a broader mean. IS is more related and so happen to have plenty of sources for its literature. Eliminated the colon that was originally in the working title for the purpose to make it be of a simpler form.

Started writing Chapter 1 - Research Overview.

Did a preliminary interview with a representative from LUAS and it has been confirmed that they do face communication problem when it comes to the outsourcing projects.

Refined the objectives (after understanding the Bloom's Taxonomy better).

  1. Identify best practices for effective communication in IS outsourcing projects
  2. Analyze the identified best practices with the case study.
  3. Synthesize to develop ECM.
Discussed with SV;
  • To look from the viewpoint of stakeholders; which level, area?
  • To study the discipline that would face impacts upon ineffective communication
  • To identify specifically the criteria of outsourcing projects; client & vendor (specifically those doing software development)
  • Do the project in the perspective of a project planner in terms of communication planning.
Confirmed with SV that the scope is on assisting communication planner upon effective communication for outsourced projects that is related to IS only.

Discussed for what should be on the oncoming chapters; LR, Methodology & etc.

Submitted framework of Chapter 2 - Literature Review.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Week 5: Discussed Upon Suggestion Given

10 - 14 Oct 2011

Discussed with SV upon looking from G-2-G perspective of outsourcing. Personally found it kind of difficult but still trying.

Extending effort upon searching the G-2-G Outsourcing  + Communication related sources to further understand and comprehend what it is.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Week 4: Further Improvisation

3 - 7 Oct 2011

Identified the case study: Lembaga Urus Air Selangor (LUAS)

Shifted from "Web Development" to "IT Development" in the working title as for the limitation of obtaining resources regarding web development + outsourcing projects.

Met with Dr. Ariza and was told to focus on either the client-vendor issue or the project team themselves?

Was given a suggestion to look upon G-2-G perspective of outsourcing project.

Facing difficulties upon acquiring resources for G-2-G.

Continue reading upon IT Outsourcing + Communication Issues + Effective Communication