Sunday, November 20, 2011

Week 10: Methodology

14 - 18 Nov 2011

The methodology of this project is of the following:

1. Phase: Planning
              - Identifying PS, aim, scope, obj., & significance.
                     DeliverableDesc. of PS, aim, scope, obj., & significance.
              - Preparing preliminary interview questions.
                     Deliverable: List of preliminary interview questions.
              - Conduct interviews with the respective company for case study.
                     Deliverable: Result from preliminary interview.
              - Plan the execution of project duration.
                     Deliverable: Project schedule.
       Milestone: Project proposal

2. Phase: Data Gathering & Analysis
              - Review & analyze the literature.
              - Identify & analyze stakeholder for comm. of OP & prior them.
                     Deliverable: Stakeholder Communication Analysis.
              - Identify BP for communication in OP.
                     Deliverable: Prioritized BP for communication in OP.
              - Analyze the identified BP for comm. in OP with case study
                     Deliverable: Matrix of prioritized BP based on case study.
              - Develop draft of ECM based on analyzed BP.
       Milestone: Draft of ECM.

3. Phase: Synthesize
              - Synthesize draft of ECM to case study.
                     Deliverable: Refined ECM.
              - Finalize the ECM.
       Milestone: Finalized ECM.

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